Our core competencies fall into the following areas:

  Client/Server application development
  Thin client computing
  Object-Oriented software development
  E-Commerce and web based technologies

The Object Technology methods or language skills available are:

  Object-oriented frameworks and class libraries
  C++ , MFC
  Object Oriented Case Tools (Rational Rose)

The Distributed Object Model available are:

  IONA's - ORBIX using CORBA (Common Object Resource Broker Architecture) technology
  Microsoft - COM/ DCOM (Component Object Model/ Distributed Component Object Model)

Development model

We believe to build good software we need to be an extension of the customer's organization. Cyber uses an iterative development model where each phase of the project is split into clearly defined deliverables. This allows the customer to track the progress of the project and provide key feedback that can be fed into the next stage of development.

Our technical expertise includes:

  Operating Systems: Windows 9x, NT, 2000, Linux, OS/2 and MVS
  Languages: Java, Smalltalk, C, C++, HTML, XML and JavaScript
  Technologies: Java Beans, EJB, JSP, Servlets and CORBA
  Databases: DB2, MS SQL Server and Oracle
  Application Servers: IBM Websphere, Allaire JRun and J2EE

Internet Technology Methods or Language Skills available are:

  Microsoft Dot Net , Java
  JavaScript, VBScript
  Java Applet Development
  Perl Development
  WWW to Database connectivity Beans
  ASP, JSP (Active Server Pages/ Java Server Pages)
  CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
  Java Application Development
  Client Server application development
  IE/ Netscape Plug-In development
  WWW to CORBA connectivity